Release may not be required – Disclaimer

No model or property releases are available for this image, but you may not need them for Commercial use(1). Editorial(2) use is allowed without any of the releases as long as it respects the EULA.

The use of an image for commercial use depends on the content of an image and the way it is used. Model and property releases guarantee that depicted people and property like brands, buildings, etc. portrayed within an image are cleared for commercial use.

If an image does not contain people or property than they are automatically cleared for commercial use since there’s no need for releases.

Yet, if an image contains a person/people or property for which no model or property release exists, it may still be possible to use the image for commercial use according to the following options:

- Your evaluation of the risk of commercial use associated with the person and/or property portrayed in the image.
For example, the person/people are not recognizable or property does not consist or contain any copyrighted architecture, homes, logos, brands, businesses or items that may be protected by copyright, then it’s possible that there’s no risk that requires the obtaining of a release. Considering the vast possible uses of an image and depending on local laws, you are the one responsible to determine the need for any releases, and you recognize upon yourself any possible resulting risk in this situation.

- Elimination of the people or property from the image.
For extra safety and confidence, you may eliminate potential problems from the image off the photo through digital manipulation or other available way of doing it. Again, recognize upon yourself any possible resulting risk in this situation.

Under no circumstances are the authors of the images (José Elias and Sofia Pereira), as well the website responsible for any misuse of the images licensed and eventual consequences of it, and the person/people/organization licensing the image recognize upon themselves full responsibility for the correct use of the licensed images and consequences for failing to do it.

If you have any doubt feel free to contact us in the available form in this website

(1) Commercial use refers to the use of images in advertising and any other form (no matter the support used) meant to sell a product or service, It also includes images for brochures, annual reports and other uses not of Editorial nature.

(2) Editorial use refers the use of images that aren’t advertising. Editorial images are the ones that go along with articles and the cover in newspapers, magazines and other form of informative support being in the printed media, in the Internet or digital supports.