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Évora Cathedral, the largest cathedral in Portugal. Romanesque / Gothic temple. Évora is classified as unesco world heritage.


The Évora cathedral is one of the most impressive monuments to be visited in this city, a city classified as World Heritage by the UNESCO. In fact it is the biggest cathedral in Portugal.

This Monument is associated with great historical events, like the blessing of the flags of Vasco da Gama fleet in 1497 who discovered the sea-way to India and changed the geo-political balance of the world of the time, as well marked to falloff the commercial empire of cities like Venice. It also shows the tomb of João Mendes de Vasconcelos, the Portuguese king emissary who tried, in vain, to bring back to Portugal the Portuguese sea-explorer Magellan who by the time was preparing the trip around the world with the sponsor of the Spanish Crown after it was initially denied by the Portuguese King.

Built between the years 1186 and 1250, this cathedral shows traces of the transition from the Romanesque to the Gothic architecture. In the 15th and 16th century it suffered great improvements with the addition of new areas like the High-Choir, the baptizing chapel and the Esporão Chapel. Showing also traces of the wealth Baroque style especially in the decoration of altars it was in the 18th century that a new main-chapel was built. This baroque addition made with marbles, was masterfully adapted to the previous Romanesque-Gothic style keeping a good harmony in the building.

The Gothic cloisters date from the 14th century and present statues of the evangelists in the four corners and many rosettes among its beautiful decorations. Several tombs from archbishops can be seen, namely the one from the founder of the cloisters.

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